Sleeping in a piece of Italian history.

Palazzo Scaglia di Verrua is one of the most ancient palaces in Turin, situated in the very heart of the city, Via Stampatori, 4. Together with the Duomo di San Giovanni is one of the rare examples of Renaissance architecture in the city. Started building in 1585 by the abbot Filiberto Scaglia di Verrua, ambassador and minister, it was finished the next century by Gian Andrea Garabello, the palace has an inner courtyard with an arcaded loggia, embellished by frescos representing allegorical patterns and shapes. Frescos on the façade and in the courtyard are rare to find in Turin palaces, and present divinities and characters among which may also be the owners of the palace.
When Filiberto Scaglia di Verrua died, the building became property of the family of San Martino della Motta, and in the end it passed on to the family Balbo Bertone di Sambuy.

The Scaglia family is since the XIII century one of the main families of the House of Savoy. Anna Felice Scaglia di Verrua, last heiress of the family (1735 - 1819) married the Conte Giuseppe San Martino della Motta, a branch which is disappearing. The palace then goes to the Conte Raimondo Balbo Bertone di Sambuy, whose last heiress, Maria Edmea, still lives in the noble salons which look on the second inner court yard.